Ex-Cop Charged In Crash That Killed 2 Motorcyclists

Posted: 7:40 AM EDT Aug 04, 2011   Updated: 5:11 AM EDT Jul 13, 2011

They were trying to honor a friend... When tragedy struck. Two motorcycle riders were killed earlier this month when a pickup truck plowed into them in bangor, northampton county.

Now the county's top prosecutor says the driver of that tck-- a former cop--- was drunk. Wfmz's bo koltnow is live in easton with the story.

Among the charges handed down to former new jersey cop john heaney.. Are homicide by vehicle.. And dui.

Reporter: on july 1st...police say john heaney was driving his pickup along route 512 in bangor.. Northampton county.

John morganelli: traveling north bound came around the left bend in the road.

Reporter: at the same time..a group of 7 motorcycle riders were heading in the opposite direction....when heaney.

Morganelli: crossed over entirely into the south bound lane striking the group of motorcycles.

Reporter: 52 year old keith michaelson and 47 year old michael zadoyko.. Both of passaic county.. New jersey...were killed...4 others were injured. Heaney.. From lopatcong.. Warren county.. New jersey.. Is being charged with homicide by vehicle.. Aggravated assault by vehicle.. And dui among many others.

Morganelli: officers did note had an odor of alcohol on his breath and his eyes appeared to be somewhat blood shot.

Reporter: morganelli said a breathalyzer test... Which isn't admissible in court... Showed heaney to have a point-1-1 blood alcohol level at the scene. That's above the legal limit. Police say heaney later refused to take a blood test.

Morganelli: an inference will be drawn by the jury that he refused because he influence of alcohol.

Reporter:dead riders were from last chance motorcycle trying to come back from addiction issues. The group of riders was on its way to a funeral of friend.

If convicted.. Heaney could get up to 60 years in jail. Coming up at 6.. You'll hear what d.a. Morganelli has to say.. About some who were critical on his handling of this case involving an ex-cop. Live in easton bo koltnow 69 news.