Family makes plea for help to save their puppy

Fundraiser planned for dog's operation

AMITY TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A Berks County family is making a desperate plea for help to save their puppy.

Since money is short, they are hoping a heartfelt yard sale and bake sale will give their 12-week-old Labrador retriever a new chance at life.

The purebred's name is Dolly, and she was adopted at Barktoberfest.

Despite having a deformed leg, Dolly's owners still adopted her.

Shortly after, loved ones said they learned that Dolly suffers from a genetic heart condition that is threatening her life, and she needs a costly surgery soon.

"I know it has to happen soon," said Valerie Starnes-Regan, Dolly's owner. "I don't want her time to run out before we get her surgery done."

The surgery could cost somewhere around $6,000.

"She does have a hard time breathing," said Starnes-Regan. "She comes running to me and expects me to fix it and I can't."

Starnes-Regan's husband, Frank, is even willing to put his beloved 2001 Mustang GT Rosch up for sale.  

"That was a gift that I bought for Valerie," said Frank. "And it was the car she dreamed of all the time. She always wanted a Mustang Rosch, and it was her dream car. It still is her dream car. But Dolly is worth more than any car."

If you'd like to help pay for Dolly's heart surgery, you can make a donation at or you can attend the yard sale planned for this Saturday and Sunday at 111 Old Philadelphia Pike in Douglassville.

Loved ones say, with the surgery, Dolly has a 95% chance of recovery.


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