Federal prosecutors said a Berks County man stole more than half a million dollars meant for his wife's kidney dialysis treatments. The FBI arrested the 53-year-old Kempton man Friday.

Darwin Dieter lived in Kempton and worked in Hamburg at a mail-order company.

According to court documents, Dieter is accused of taking money from his employer-provided medical insurance from December 2010 through March 2011 meant for his wife's medical care and kept it for personal use.

We don't know where all the money went, but investigators point to three big purchases in this health care fraud scheme.

In court documents, federal prosecutors said Darwin Dieter's wife Connie received kidney dialysis treatments, normally three times a week at FMC Dialysis Services of Kutztown. But, prosecutors said the money meant to pay FMC for the dialysis treatments filled Dieter's pockets instead.

His wife has since died.

Dieter was arrested by the FBI Friday. They said Dieter spent $33,000 of the half a million stolen medical checks on a 2010 Ford F150. And he spent another $38,000 on a skid loader and $19,000 on a 1970 Ford Mustang.

Dieter is charged with nine counts of theft from health care benefit programs, and three counts of money laundering. If convicted, Dieter faces a maximum possible sentence of 120 years in prison and more than 2 million dollars in fines.