Officials have been preparing for rain and taking measures to make sure flooding doesn't become a major concern.

"The last couple of days we went to areas that are typically prone to flooding issues and cleared inlets to try to prevent any flooding," said Michael Alkhal, Bethlehem's director of public works.

As of Friday afternoon, Alkhal said there had been no problems with flooding in the city. He stressed the importance of keeping storm drains clear of snow, with which residents can help.

"It's the city's responsibility to clear the storm drains that are in the street, but certainly, especially if they're aware of an issue that happens when we have these types of things, if they could take the time to clear those inlets, that would help them out, it would certainly help the city because we are stretched for resources," said Alkhal.

From fog to rain, the region saw a variety of weather Friday.

Some drivers said they didn't mind the rain after all the other recent weather.

"I'd rather have this than the snow and the ice because it was lousy," said Russell Wendt, of Allentown.

"Soothing, compared to the normal day, especially after the snow. I'm glad it melts away everything else," said Andrew Donschietz, of Emmaus, Lehigh Co.

"No flooding yet, yet, but I'm hoping not," said Robin Marsteller, of Salisbury Twp., Lehigh Co.

Easton workers also worked Friday to clear storm drains. As of Friday afternoon, there were no reports of Flooding in Easton.