A former member of The Governor's Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs has some harsh words for Governor Tom Corbett.

The group's mission is to make recommendations to the governor on policies and legislation that would affect the Latino community.

Oscar Rosario Fuentes of Philadelphia who has been a part of GACLA since its conception in 1971, says after recent events, he's had enough and put in his resignation.

“The governor of Pennsylvania has done exactly nothing for the Hispanic community,” he said.

Rosario claims after Governor Corbett's flub this past May on Latino staff members where he was asked if he had any staff members that are Latino.

“No. We do not have any staff members in here if you can find us one please let me know," he said.

As well as the apparent hesitance of GACLA to get involved in the Philadelphia case where a Hispanic woman was punched in the face by a police officer; demonstrate a lack of commitment to the community.

“They never went or sent somebody to find out what happened to Aida Guzman. I mean, come on,” he said.

However, fellow commissioner Ana Sainz de la Peña from Allentown says the commission's job is not to get involved.

“People need to understand that they're not a body of action, more I would describe it as a body of communication and discussion and tackling issues that maybe the governor needs to be aware of,” she said.

Furthermore, De la Peña thinks the recent fallout is a perfect opportunity to move forward.

“We as Latinos need to start thinking about not looking for what governor or a president or a senator can do for our community but start looking inside and see that we take action,” said De la Peña.

When contacted on the matter, Governor Corbett's office responded even though they would not elaborate said Mr. Rosario may have had ulterior motives to his decision.

In a statement, a spokesperson said “The governor appreciates his service, and wishes him well in his next endeavors. He was a valued member of GACLA.”