Jehovah's Witnesses volunteer time before summer conventions

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Jun 19, 2012   Updated: 6:43 PM EDT Jun 20, 2012

The Sovereign Center is being transformed into a place of worship.

It will once again be the site of a series of Jehovah's Witness conventions. The first of six conventions will take place this weekend, so volunteers arrived in Reading Wednesday to get ready.

They're landscaping, painting, repairing tile and cleaning carpets and windows. The volunteers said giving back is an important part of their faith.

"It's really because of how we see the building, primarily. When we're here, it's a place of worship to us, and so we want to make sure that, while it's a good building and in good repair, we want to really spruce it up," said Perry Allen, spokesman.

The conventions will run through August.