Lehigh Alum's Brain Behind Mine Rescue

Posted: 2:46 PM EDT Aug 25, 2011   Updated: 10:47 AM EDT Oct 28, 2010

The rescue of the 33 Chilean miners earlier this month attracted global attention. One of the people responsible for the rescue is a Lehigh University alum.

Bill Maloney, a 1980 graduate, spoke to current students about his role in the rescue effort. Maloney, a life long drill man, was in charge of the drill work during "Plan B" of the rescue phase.

"Plan B" broke through to the miners first. Maloney says he was struck by how the Chilean people came together during the rescue operation.

"The President was hugging the guys. We need to get along better in this country and not focus on the trivial things but on what is real." Maloney said.

Maloney was also responsible for getting the rescue capsule that was used to pull out the miners.