Local Business Opens Up for Free On Earth Day

Posted: 1:50 PM EDT Aug 17, 2011   Updated: 9:18 AM EDT Apr 22, 2011

Reducing and recycling. That's the lesson of the day in one part of Douglassville on this Earth Day. Chuck's Auto Salvage has piles of tires.

"We have all kinds of different tires, a tractor tire, a race care tire," said 11-year-old Cole Reinert.

They'll either sell them to reuse or recycle to turn the rubber into fuel for cement plants. "Currently, they burn coal to make cement and they also add iron ore to make cement so the tire burn cleaner then coal so it offsets how much coal they have to use," said Doug Reinert, owner of Chuck's Auto Salvage.

It's normal for Chuck's to salvage the parts in cars. And the owner says 85% of a car can be recycled.

On this Earth Day, Chuck's invited the community in Douglassville to drop off certain car parts that workers recycled for free. Cole Reinert was helping out his dad. "Mostly tires, oil and anti-freeze and some batteries," he said.

"Everybody thinks about the newspapers that go in recycling and the cans that all need to be recycled," said Doug Reinert, "There's so much stuff everyday we can do."

Earth Day Chuck's enlisted the help of some kids to teach them about about Earth Day. "For Earth Day we always do this so whenever we're off for school on this day we come and help out," said Cole Reinert.

There's lots of liquid to recycle too. And the kids set up a table with 12 jars filled with different liquids.

"We recycle all of this stuff and you have to guess what it is," said Cole Reinert.

There's samples of power steering fluid, anti-freeze and gas.

The kids had off from school, but there was a hidden lesson. "Just a greater respect for what the community does, what we do, what we need to continue to do," said Doug Reinert.