Local group that supports military thanked by soldier

Posted: 7:00 PM EST Dec 04, 2011   Updated: 8:17 PM EST Dec 05, 2011

A Berks-based non-profit that's dedicated to helping troops overseas has received a heart-felt thank you.

Simone Sauers-Houck is the founder of "Operation Enduring Freedom" which sends care packages to troops serving overseas.

A soldier that received one of those packages recently sent her this flag that was flown over Camp Victory in Iraq.

Simone says the flag is a testament to all of the people who helped.

"This flag flew for us," said Simone Sauers-Houck of Operation Enduring Freedom. "So that all of the people that donated and helped us were acknowledged for all of their hard work and donations."

She says she plans to keep the flag as a keepsake for now.

And maybe one day, it can be put on display somewhere.