Even in this hi-tech age we live in, a symbol of simpler times keeps people coming back for more in Bethlehem.
This year the Christmas Putz at Central Moravian Church is celebrating its 75th birthday.

With Thanksgiving over now it's time to get in the Christmas spirit.

"It's a wonderful celebration," said Janel Rice, pastor of the Central Moravian church. "We're proud that we've been here 75 years."

For 75 years the Moravian Christmas Putz has been telling the story of the church that started in the Christmas city in 1741 and the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

"It's a time that people say they can come and spend a half an hour here and really hear the story of Christ, the story of Christmas," added Rice. "Have a moment to relax."

"We'd heard about the Putz via the website and we thought this would be a great opportunity for us to turn around and maybe see what other churches are doing to see if maybe there was something that our church could eventually do," said Rosemary Stormer, from Bear, Delaware.

People get a chance to see how the Putz was constructed, but they tell us after seeing the show they know it will make a lasting impression.

"We actually had asked the boys where they wanted to go this year as teenagers they could have gone to Hershey and they chose to come here," said Stormer.
"So that tells you how much it meant to them from two years ago."

The church also sells handmade gifts to people after seeing the Putz.

"We often call it Central's gift to the community," added Rice. "We're able to give something for free in this season that is so filled with shopping and other demands on people's schedule."

To celebrate 75 years the Moravian church will be releasing a book about the Christmas Putz next week.