The one-week whirlwind of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is winding down after an eventful day.

Trisha and Cora Urban laid eyes on their fairy tale home built by Berks County volunteers for the first time.

The crowds have gone home and the volunteers are getting much needed sleep. But so many had to be here for the reveal.

it was the moment so many in Berks County wanted to see -- Trisha Urban's face as she saw her brand new home for the first time.

Raw Video: "Move That Bus" Reveal

"When I saw the house it just took my breath away," Urban told 69 News.

"There's no words to express how great this is for my sister," said Urban's sister Kylene Knepp.

For the past week, Knepp was at Walt Disney World in Florida with Trisha and Cora, so today was her first time seeing it, too.

"I just think that's incredible how a community can just come together, be friends with everybody, work together, and do this," said Knepp.

They toured the backyard and Kylene said everything from the outside to the inside is a complete departure from the demolished house.

"Two weeks ago she was living in a house where there was electric cords exposed," said Knepp. "The house was just falling apart around her."

And what does 18 month old Cora think of all this?

"I think she's comprehending now," said Urban. "She's able to actually run around in her new house. That was something she was really confined before in just one room."

And when she's a little older, Kutztown University has invited her to be part of the class of 2027 on a full four-year scholarship.

"Education was so important to my husband and he was finishing up his doctorate in psychology," said Urban. "To have that opportunity to be given to my daughter, I know that would please him. It's just incredible."

It will take quite a bit of time to absorb all that has happened this week.

"But it is bittersweet cause I don't have my husband to share in that dream," said Urban.

But Trisha said she and Cora have the rest of their lives to enjoy what Berks County did for them.

"Thank you so much," she said. "It means so much to me to have a place where I can call home now and I know that it means the world to Andy as well."

"Welcome home Urban family," said Extreme Makeover: Home Edition host Ty Pennington. "Welcome home."

Friday will be the final day of production and then Trisha and Cora can really call this home.

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