It could be the nuttiest thing you've heard all day. Wildlife volunteers spent the day Saturday trying to get an unusual selection out of a coke machine.

You may have loved Rocky the squirrel as a child.

Or seen TV news stories about the water skiing squirrel.

There's even a Canadian squirrel who popped up in a family photo and wound up with his own website, where he makes a cameo with world leaders, on the set of Star Trek and at the Last Supper.

But a vending machine is the last place you would expect to find one.

"Sprite the gray squirrel decided to come to valley housing for a free drink and got himself into the coca cola machine," said Barbara Miller.

You read right, a squirrel in a coke machine.

It's not clear how the bushy tailed rodent wound up amongst the beverages in the Bethlehem machine.

But after a few hours chilling with the cokes, wildlife capture specialists from Pocono Wildlife near Saylorsburg got him out.

After a lot of squeaking, Sprite was put into a new container.

Minutes later, he was taken outside and the door to freedom was opened.

"He's going to have to go somewhere else for free drinks from now on," Miller said.