The federal school dates back to 1797, and it's quite a reality check.  Kids of all ages would have attended The Federal School, a one- room schoolhouse on Darby Road in Haverford Township, Delaware County.

It was a subscription school.  There was no public school system at the time so farmers would get together to hire a teacher to teach their kids collectively. The youngest would sit up front, as many as 28 students in one room.

Certainly not the same personal space we're used to, four students to a bench sharing one desk.

"Your appreciation for life and the things you have and the things you take for granted are so clear when you're in this room." said Donna Lunny of the Haverford Township Historical Society.

Slates, nib pens and ink wells were necessities. And if you didn't know the answer? Dunce cap for you.  There are some hooks on the wall, not just for your coat, but the unruly boys.  They got hung up by their suspenders.

Off the hook means they had served their penalty and they were "off the hook".