By telephone is how many parents learned that an eighth grade student was stabbed at Wilson Southern Middle School in Spring Twp., Berks Co., Tuesday morning, officials said.

Hundreds of parents rushed to the school and waited in long lines to be reunited with their children.

"It's very disconcerting right now, especially what happened in Sandy Hook. It was a scary phone call," said Kim Emerich, parent.

After the stabbing, officials said the school was immediately put on lock down, and all the hallways were cleared.

"All of our students are kept in a secure situation, classrooms and other locations under adult supervision," said Rudy Ruth, superintendent.

Shortly after, automated calls went out to parents, informing them of the incident.

"I thought they handled the situation very well," said Emerich. "The school called us pretty quick."

For some parents, however, the district's response wasn't fast enough. Colette Joseph said she first heard about the stabbing on Facebook.

"It's very scary, and right away, it's like, 'Well, I didn't get a call from the school, so I guess my son didn't go to the hospital.' We should have been notified better," said Joseph.

After the incident, school was dismissed for the day. Police from across the region worked closely with school officials to make sure each student left with a properly identified parent or guardian.

The lock down procedure that was executed Tuesday morning is something the students have practiced several times, and they said they were well prepared, officials said.

Classes will resume Wednesday, officials said.