The area is preparing for its first taste of some winter snowfall.

Crews started working on the roads Monday.

While workers may be home now, they'll be ready to take on mother nature at midnight.

The trucks are ready and so are the people behind the wheel.

"We started early this morning," said Sean Brown, press officer for PennDOT.  "Making sure we had material on our trucks, plows ready, and salt brine solution if we need that."

It's expected to remain colder in the higher elevations.

So workers did put down salt brine solution on some of the roads north of the Lehigh Valley, but not in the Valley.

"Due to sort of the iffy weather," added Brown. "It's not very effective if you are having a wet snow or a rain. It kind of washes the salt brine away. So it will be more effective north of the Blue Mountains."

That doesn't mean that people in the Lehigh Valley should worry about a lot of snow on the roadways for the morning commute.

Workers will be on the roads starting at midnight.

The plan is to have plenty of snow cleared by time the cars hit the road.

They only ask that drivers show a little patience and take plenty of time getting to your destinations.

"If you do see plows on the roadway give them enough space to do their job and don't drive aggressively around them," said Brown.

Workers say you don't have to worry about there being enough salt.

PennDOT had salt left over from last year and they've already received this year's shipment as well.