Police in Berks County are investigating a string of tire thefts from a trucking company.

Police said thieves targeted Morgan Corporation in Caernarvon Township at least four times this year, stealing more than 20 tires. Investigators said they have no leads and they need the public's help.

Hundreds of trucks line the yard at Morgan Corporation, and when the sun sets, police said thieves have been sneaking into the property and stealing tires.

"They are happening in the overnight hours in a location that is not too visible from the roadway, so it is difficult for security or the police to see what is happening," said Chief Paul Stolz, Caernarvon Twp. Police Dept.

Despite the tires being much larger than tires on a typical vehicle, police said the thieves are managing to steal them because they are taking just the tire and leaving the rim behind.

"They are deflating them, removing them from the tire rim and rolling them most likely into some type of vehicle. And up to over 16 tires have been taken at one point in time," said Stolz.

Morgan Corporation has been targeted four separate times since May of this year. Police said they have no leads on suspects or a vehicle description at this time, but they think the thieves will probably return a fifth time.