Police in Montgomery County are investigating a shooting that may have been the result of a home invasion.

It happened last night just before 10:30 in the 100 block of North Charlotte Street in Pottstown.

Police say a man allegedly shot someone he claimed was trying to break into his apartment.

That man, Aaron Laws, was taken into police custody, but was released around 3 a.m. Friday Morning. He tells 69 news the shooting happened inside the apartment and that he has not been charged with anything.

He says he did it because he was trying to protect loved ones.

"I got a kid. I was defending my family," he said.

A 69 News crew spoke with a woman at the scene who identified herself as the alleged shooter's mother.

She says her son spoke with her right after the shooting.

"He said, 'Come and get the kids and Courtney... the girlfriend. He said he shot somebody who was trying to break into the house," Frances Laws said.

The alleged intruder was flown to a trauma center.

His name and condition have not been released.