Year after year the Reading Public Library continues to face deficits. It's reduced hours and dipped into savings. But volunteers are doing what they can to write a new chapter for the library.

"I don't read online," said Gene Fizz, "I like the feel of the paper."

If you have a passion for books like Gene Fizz of Wyomissing, then you may want to consider volunteering at the Reading Public library like he does.

"Strange thing is I have never taken a movie home," said Fizz.

But he spends at least an hour each day he volunteers putting plenty of them back. Gene showed what he typically does during his 6 to 7 hours a week. It's something he started two and half years ago.

He makes sure the library's books are where they are suppose to be.

"Whatever I can do I do," said Fizz, "This is sort of mundane but somebody has to do it, don't they. So, here I am."

He said what motivates him is thinking about losing the library.

"Sometimes I get fearful what the city might do," said Fizz, "This is the most important place for a kid other than school that you can think of."

He said coming to the library is a habit.

"I don't know if people hesitate to volunteer because of the unknown," said Fizz, "But none of the things that the volunteers do, you don't need a masters degree for."

The library said it can always use more committed volunteers. You'll go through an interview process just like a job. And you can start by filling out an application.

Somebody's got to make sure that the books are in order.

"Might as well be somebody they don't have to pay," said Fizz.