The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has granted Qu'eed Batts an appeal hearing on a murder conviction. Batts was found guilty of first degree murder back in July of 2007. Investigators say Batts was 14 years old when he killed 16 year old CJ Edwards in Easton in February of 2006. Batts' attorney says the teenager was forced to kill by fellow gang members. Batts was sentenced to life in prison. [ 10/21/07 Report: Qu'edd Batts Sentenced to Life in Prison ] [ 7/31/07 Report: Qu'edd Batts Found Guilty of Murder ] Batts was denied a new trial back in 2008. A man who police say coerced Batts to shoot Edwards, Vernon Bradley, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison in July of 2007.