Census figures last year showed Reading to be the poorest city of its size in the country.

Now, members of the community are weighing in on how to get things back on track.

69-WFMZ-TV has teamed up with the Reading Eagle to host a forum called "Poverty to Prosperity: Reading Looks to the Future."

The hour-long program was taped Tuesday at Reading Area Community College.

WFMZ's Rob Vaughn served as moderator of the event, and the forum was co-produced by WFMZ's Karin Mallet and the Reading Eagle's Jason Brudereck.

Organizers said they hope it will start a community-wide discussion.

"I think that's the role of the media. It's to ask the questions. It's to bring the topics up. It's to hopefully find answers," said Peter Barbey, president and CEO, Reading Eagle Company. "Media doesn't have the answers, to be honest, the community does, and this is what we hope to find out."

You can watch "Poverty to Prosperity: Reading Looks to the Future" on August 27 at 6:30 PM on WFMZ-TV.