A gray and white female pit bull was found tied to a tree with an extension cord Sunday in a municipal dog park in East Stroudsburg.

It is just the most recent case of abandoned or dead dogs that have been found in Monroe County. But a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania SPCA said all the cases appear to be completely unrelated.

"It's important to get that word out because a lot of people are afraid for their family pets," said Linda Torelli , Pennsylvania SPCA's communications manager.

The dog found in East Stroudsburg has very closely cropped ears and appears to have given birth recently.  Torelli said one reason SPCA investigators are eager to find the dog's owner is "there could be pups without a mom."

Other than being a little on the thin side, with inflamed skin caused by flea bites, the pit bull is is reasonably good condition, said Torelli. "It did not look like she had been out there for several days."

 Pennsylvania SPCA's Humane Law Enforcement unit is asking for help from the community to identify the owner of a dog.

Torelli said investigators hope someone saw who left the pit bull in the dog park. She said it's possible some well-intentioned good Samaritan found the dog running loose and tied her where someone could find her, so she would not get hit by a car.

Anyone with information about the dog should contact the SPCA's cruelty hotline at 866-601-7722.