An animal shelter in the Poconos wants to find out who brutally beat and neglected a three-year-old dog found tied to a tree last week. 

They're hoping you can help identify the owner.

Lacey is recovering at the AWSOM animal shelter in Monroe County.  The same place she was adopted from nearly two years ago.  Shelter workers want to find out how Lacey ended up severely bruised, crawling in fleas and abandoned in Wind Gap.

 "When she picked the dog up what she found was kind of horrifying," said David Carbone, Operations Coordinator for AWSOM.

 When the pup was found she had bruises all over her body, her fur was full of fleas, her ears were infected and she had a highly infectious disease called mange.

 "It also seems like she either was confined to a cage or some kind of a short area, because from the immobility of the dog she has a lot of scarring and what we call leathering of the skin, where the hair is all gone and the skin is now really, really tough," Carbone said.

 Lacey is now in isolation.  She has to stay there for at least two weeks before she's healthy enough to join the other animals.  Shelter workers are also monitoring her because she suffers from seizures.

 "She's at basically 24-hour watch at our place," Carbone said.

After Lacey was found, a local vet scanned her microchip and discovered the canine had been adopted from AWSOM, Carbone said. 

According to shelter records, a woman from Stroudsburg took Lacey home in February 2012. 

Now, all they want are answers.

 "We're trying to locate the last registered owner and speak to her about what happened to the dog since that point," Carbone said.

Workers want Lacey to find a good home, but she's not back up for adoption yet.  If you know anything about her previous owner, please call the shelter at 570-421-DOGS.