A family in Carbon County hopes their 16-year-old son will return home immediately, after he ran away from his Summit Hill home Tuesday morning.

Michael Moore said his son Collin Moore, a sophomore at Panther Valley High School, stormed out of his home in fear of disciplinary action he faced at home for some trouble he had gotten into.

Michael Moore would not explain the specific trouble, but said it was "something a lot of teenage parents deal with."

Moore said he and Collin's mother were using the "tough love approach," when Collin left his home through the back door around 10 a.m.

According to Moore, Collin was wearing blue jeans, a dark blue zip up hooded sweatshirt with orange trim, and Nike black and yellow sneakers.

He said his son's most identifiable feature is his long, blonde hair that sometimes covers his hazel colored eyes.

Collin Moore is 5'7 and weighs 140 pounds.

Search and rescue teams, helicopters, and search dogs surveyed the area near their home Wednesday, but with no luck.

Moore said search teams would not resume searches there on Thursday, and added that so far, social media platforms have proven more successful.

Moore said his son can survive in the outdoor elements.

"He does have some survival skills. He reads a lot on that," Moore said.

His biggest concern Wednesday night was that his son may have left town completely.

"One of my biggest concerns is maybe he hitched a ride and really got out of the area," Moore said.

Moore said the family just wants Collin to return home, so they can work everything out.

"Collin, call your mother and I. We just want you home. We are going to work it out and it's going to be okay," Moore said.

Collin Moore was last spotted by a woman who was driving by and saw him crossing the Thomas-McCall bridge headed away from Lehighton. He was seen around 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

Michael Moore said he believes his son may have been headed in the direction of his mother's house. Family members would be canvassing that area to try and locate him.

Anyone with information on where Collin Moore may be should contact local law enforcement or Collin's parents at: (610) 462-6966 or (484) 903-6070.