A Berks County man died just one day after being rescued from a reservoir in Muhlenberg Township.

Kyle Winn lives across the street from the Bernhart Reservoir and looks out over the water every morning.

But Saturday was a much different day for him as he found himself jumping in the water to save a man.

"When I ran across the road I saw the fishing pole here and I thought he was going to be right here. I was looking and you know when something is in the water it makes ripples. Well there was just a faint little bit of ripples and I was trying to find him and she said no he is down there," said Kyle Winn who pulled the victim from water.

Glenn Urban, 61, of Reading, fell in the water while fishing early Saturday morning and started yelling for help.

He fell in near the shallow shoreline.

But during the short moments while Winn was running across the street, Urban had drifted to the middle of the deep reservoir.

Winn pulled him from the reservoir and says he was relieved when emergency responders found a pulse.

"Somebody came to the house and said he has a pulse, he is at the hospital. It makes you feel good that you saved somebody. And then the next day he died and at least his family did not have to identify a body," said Winn.

Urban was transported to the hospital and died Sunday afternoon.

His family told the coroner's office that he fished at the reservoir quite a bit, as well as Lake Ontelaunee.

The coroner's office says Urban died of an accidental drowning.