Rocking Out MS

Posted: 11:08 AM EDT Aug 18, 2011   Updated: 6:43 AM EST Mar 05, 2011

A group of people in the Lehigh Valley organized a fundraiser to help those battling Multiple Sclerosis.

The "Rock Out MS" benefit concert was held at the Pig Pen Sports Bar and Grille in Allentown.

The concert was organized by Brent Sergent, who has the disease.

Today's event features three bands, food, drink, and a magic show.

All money from the event will go toward the National MS society.

Sergent said organizing today's event is his way to help others diagnosed with MS.

"I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002, and this is my way of helping to give back," he said.

The Rock Out MS benefit concert lasts until 9:00p.m. on Saturday at the Pig Pen, which is located on Union Boulevard in Allentown.