Sen. Casey calls for nationwide ban on bath salts

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Jun 04, 2012   Updated: 7:23 PM EDT Jun 05, 2012

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey is backing a national ban on bath salts and other synthetic drugs.

Casey says there has been some progress.

The DEA and other agencies have issued temporary bans.

But Casey wants more action.

Bath salts gained national exposure after a bizarre incident two weekends ago in Miami.

Police say they shot and killed a man who was high on bath salts and eating another man's face.

Casey says there have been similar incidents in Pennsylvania.

"A guy who was high on bath salts broke into a monastery and assaulted a priest," said Sen. Casey. "And that was just one incident. And if anything the stories have gotten more violent since, if that's possible."

The Senate has passed a synthetic drugs ban as part of a Food and Drug Administration re-authorization bill.

The House passed the bill without the ban and Casey wants the ban included in a compromise bill.