Call it a second shot at love. More and more senior citizens are hitting online dating sites, looking for a mate. 

The trend is so big that popular dating sites like have actually set up spin-off sites just for people over 50.

But like many things, at that age, the dating game is very different.

We met online dater Marion Chorvat at Longwood Gardens in Chester County.  It's the former summer home of Pierre du Pont.

"It always calms the spirit, and it lifts it at the same time," she said.

For Chorvat, it's also a place to meet men.  Men she meets online.

"I like to come here with a date that I've never met before," she said.

Chorvat is part of a new wave of seniors turning to Internet dating sites. It wasn't supposed to be this way.

"I divorced my husband of 47 years," she said. "We married when we were 21 years old."

One year ago, Chorvat suddenly found herself single again.

"It was both very exciting and very frightening," she said.

A longtime friend suggested a dating site devoted exclusively to seniors.

"We talked about dating, and I mentioned that I was on," said friend Tamy Raina.  "I have met some very nice gentlemen."

But for every Prince Charming, there are plenty of toads, as both women quickly learned.

"I haven't dated for 44 years, so I definitely was very naive at the beginning," said Raina.

Chorvat has her fair share of funny stories.

"I got an email, and he asked me if I considered myself Mrs. Robinson," she laughed.  "I looked at his age and I said, 'You're not young enough for me to be Mrs. Robinson.'"

Another told her:  "If you want to tell me how sad you are, you can sit in my lap and tell me, and I'll be your daddy for you."

Most of the men Marion meets are harmless.  One profile featured a man showing off his muscle car.

"The Corvette is cool," she said.  "He wants me to think he's cool."

Besides, at this age, she's not looking for the moon and stars.

"We're not looking to have families and get married for the most part," she said.  "Nice, deep relationships.  I want someone to travel with, someone to talk to."

In fact, says most seniors aren't looking to get re-married -- just for companionship.  Although Marion admitted, she's young enough that the guy still better be a great kisser.