It's a day one family in New Jersey has waited more than four years for. A nearly half-million dollar settlement has been reached in a case of a mentally disabled man beaten by New Jersey State Troopers after a traffic stop in Warren County.

Dash cam video from May 2009 obtained by the Star Ledger shows New Jersey State Troopers slamming 21-year-old James Bayliss onto the concrete and punching him repeatedly, before dragging him off in handcuffs and ramming his head into a patrol car.

"Physically he has recovered from the beating," shared his father John. "Mentally it still kind of lingers on."

He says his son came home a bloody mess. Bayliss suffers from a severe brain injury after a 2005 car accident.

"I think he believes that he has received justice," explained Bayliss's attorney Bob Woodruff. "That the State Police and the Attorney General has recognized that the conduct of Trooper Wambold was inappropriate."

The Star Ledger reports officers claimed Bayliss disregarded orders and tried to head-butt them during the 2009 stop. Last year, N.J. State Police determined Troopers Richard Wambold and Keith Juckett used "unreasonable force" during the incident. Charges filed against Bayliss from that night were dropped, and this week all parties settled for $425,000.

"In exchange for my client dismissing any and all claims against the various individuals, including the state police," said Woodruff.

For the Bayliss's it's a satisfying end to a long hard road.

"There's two sides to every story, I do understand that, but in the end we've been vindicated obviously by the settlement, we're very happy with that as a family," added John.

The State Attorney General's office says disciplinary action against Wambold and Juckett is pending.