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Pregnancy checklist: 3 things women should know

Every mom-to-be has a lot of questions.  Dr. Thomas Dardarian from Main Line Women's Health Care Associates has a pregnancy checklist with some answers about eating, exercise and…

Why Prince's death is personal

Many fans of Prince who may not have known him personally are grieving his death much like they would a cherished family member.  What makes the death of someone we don't know…

Sunrise team celebrates Eve s wedding

Sunrise Team celebrates Eve's wedding

The big day is just a few days away as our Eve is preparing to become Mrs. Nolan Russo.

Winning at Work J B Reilly

Winning at Work: J.B. Reilly

Fortune Magazine called Allentown one of five cities with up and coming downtowns.  And developer J.B. Reilly leads the company that transformed the city's downtown.  In the…

Local love for mom this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is less than two weeks away, so we searched for some local gift ideas that mom is sure to love!

2016 Allentown Jazzfest expands in second year

Allentown is where to be for the best in jazz and other music styles.  The 10-day 2016 Allentown Jazzfest starts Friday and promises fans much more in the way of entertainment…

New coalition helps women find joy

See how The Wisdom Coalition is teaming women together to help one another lead better lives!

Millennials talk 2016 presidential politics

Statistics show that many college students don't plan to vote in the fall.  But according to Lafayette College seniors Chris Matturri and Ed O'Brien, that's not at all true on…

Women in business in the LV: The triumphs and the challenges

Is there a gender gap in the Lehigh Valley? WFMZ's Eve Tannery takes a look at the challenges in the workforce and how women are supporting one another.

Music Monday: Dina Hall

Award-winning singer/songwriter Dina Hall joins the 69 News at Sunrise crew for Music Monday!

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Recipes From The Kitchen

Sunrise Chef: Savory Grille

Sunrsie Chef Savory Grille

It's Friday which means we're opening up the kitchen. This morning we welcomed the Savory Grille in Macungie.

Easy Eats: Lo Mein

Easy Eats Lo Mein

On this edition of Easy Eats, Lehigh Carbon Community College cooking instructor Brock Cahoon shows us how to make Lo Mein, a common Chinese food dish that few people dare to make at home, but as Brock shows, it's surprisingly simple

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Music Monday

Music Monday: The Gilberts

Music Monday The Gilberts

Music Monday: The Gilberts

Music Monday: Dina Hall

Award-winning singer/songwriter Dina Hall joins the 69 News at Sunrise crew for Music Monday!

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