Some pint-sized models get to strut their stuff as part of New Jersey Fashion Week.

The Crayola Experience in Easton is holding the Kids Fashion Show on Friday night.

Kids are both the designers and the models. They created, or wear, looks inspired by crayons!

While describing a beautiful blue dress she made, Isabella Percario, who's a fashion designer for the show, said, "The inspiration for this dress is I went up here last time and I painted everything and it was swirls and you got to put glitter on it and it was really cool."

Her model, Noelle Miller, said, "I think my favorite thing about modeling is being able to go out and do my own thing and show off because, I don't know, it's fun, the whole thing is just fun!"

New Jersey Fashion Week teamed up with the Crayola Experience even though it's across the river because there was a need for a kids show.

The runway is Friday night, and tickets are still available.