Hundreds of volunteers -- including many of our own 69 News team members -- spent this beautiful Saturday cleaning up Allentown. But WFMZ's John Craven says.. organizers want everyday to be a clean-up day.

Volunteers hit the Queen City's streets bright and early for THE Great Allentown Clean-Up.

"We have about 9 groups throughout the city -- a couple of hundred people, from boy scout troops to church organizations cleaning up the city."

Among them was Susan Tucci -- who relocated here six years ago.. when this area was really struggling.

"We thought Allentown, although it needed a little bit of work, was going in the right direction and we decided to become 'urban pioneers."

More than 700 volunteers -- including several 69 News crew members -- collected trash along the Seventh Street corridor.

"We get a lot of trash."

"Broken glass, I've seen a lot of."

"A thousand pounds of trash, at least, maybe a dozen tires."

And not all of this goes to the landfill. The city says about 20-percent of this stuff can be recycled.

"Depending on whether we get scrap metal, cans and bottles, things like that."

There city will hold another event next Saturday. But the idea is.. to keep downtown clean every day.

"When we come out here to clean one day, we try and inspire other people to do it on a daily basis."

"Once you start making a place a little bit nicer, the people who live here start saying, 'Hey, it's really not so bad,' and they start picking up their garbage and planting a few things."

"Planting" the seeds.. of urban renewal.