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It's a drastic move, but one officials with the Army Corps of Engineers say they had to take. The corps has opened one gate on Louisiana's Morganza Spillway to lower water levels in the Mississippi River and hopefully prevent catastrophic flooding in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The release will flood thousands of acres across several Louisiana parishes.


Federal officials are holding three people, including two Florida imams for allegedly lending aid to the Pakistani Taliban. Imam Hafiz Khan and two of his sons are in custody. His daughter, grandson and another person are wanted.


Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi could be facing charges in the International Criminal Court. The chief prosecutor will announce results Monday of an investigation into possible crimes against humanity. A source close to the case says the prosecutor is seeking arrest warrants for Gadhafi and two others.


The Libyan government says a NATO airstrike killed 11 imams on Friday. It says they were on a peace mission to the eastern towns of Benghazi and Ajdabiya. NATO confirms it conducted an airstrike in that area, but the target was clearly identified as a command and control structure.