It's now home sweet home in a brand new house for the Urban family of Berks County.

The big TV production is over, the labor and sweat are done, and Trisha Urban and her 18-month-old daughter are settling in.

Following her interview with 69 News after the big reveal on Thursday, Trisha spoke again during a news conference in front of her home to thank all the volunteers and supporters.

"I get to sleep in a bed and in air conditioning," she said. "I have lights in my bathroom. It's subtle things that really mean the most to me."

The largest physical gift she has received is the new home, but the warm wishes and love are too numerous to count.

"I'll be meeting with you shortly to determine how best I can help you to keep these things and really prosper," said financial adviser William Cerynik.

Tens of thousands of dollars have been given and there is college for Cora.

"I believe it's piece of mind I think for Trisha," said Kutztown University provost Carlos Vargas-Aburto. "The fact that there's a place where Cora can go and hopefully she will actually want to come to Kutztown University."

College, financial planning; the gifts keep on coming, but Trisha said she's still going back to work.

"I have two jobs that I work," said Trisha. "I also work for Aseracare Hospice, where I counsel nutrition for people who are terminally ill and are dying. And I'll sit vigil with a person that's dying, wait until their last breath."

"This doesn't need to happen just because a TV show comes to town," said Dean Ramich, president of the Home Builders Association of Berks County. "This should be able to happen without a TV show."

"I definitely want to auction off a tour of my home when the show airs and start giving back by contributing to a fund that will help do this for another family in Berks County," said Trisha.

"Trisha offering to help like that is just phenomenal," said Ramich. "I think that is great. I welcome her to come and help us."

For now, they will rest. And this family, will too.

"To have a safe place for my daughter to run around and enjoy, we had it gated off in a small area," said Trisha. "My daughter is such a happy-go-lucky girl. She would cry when I gated her in and tonight I have a feeling she's going to be all smiles."

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