Tumbling temps make warm home inviting to stink bugs, other pests

Pest experts say time to act is now

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Sep 14, 2011   Updated: 11:35 AM EDT Sep 16, 2011

As the weather is getting colder, uninvited guests may be coming to your home for a visit.

Pest experts like entomologist Nancy Troyano with Ehrlich Pest Control in Spring Township, Berks County, are warning people that stink bugs and other critters will start looking for warm shelter as the temperatures tumble.

"This is also a winter invasion season," said Troyano. "Boxcelder bugs, lady bird beetles, and what we call cluster flies, they look like house flies, are also looking at places to winter right now."

Troyano said it is important to seal up any possible entry points in your home. If you decide to get pest control treatments for the exterior of your home, Troyano said you should do it now.

"This means making sure your screens are nice and tight fitting," said Troyano. "It also means ceiling cracks and crevices, gaps around window frames, door frames in the foundation of your house."

As the weather begins to get colder, Troyano said people will begin to see an increase in the population of insects everywhere, especially in places that hold a lot of moisture. The one silver lining, Troyano said, is that stink bugs do not normally reproduce indoors, and they generally do not feed on house plants.

The best way to clear your home of the bugs is to use a broom and dust pan and toss them outside, said Troyano, who added that stink bugs are not given the reputation as the skunks of the insect world for nothing.

"Stink bugs will omit an odor when they're disturbed," said Troyano. "If you crush a stink bug, your hand is going to smell like that stink bug and so is the surface that you crushed it on."