Maranatha Broadcasting announced the addition of "Me-TV," the new classic television network, to its digital channel 69.3 on Monday, July 4, 2011.

  • 69.1 - WFMZ-TV
  • 69.2 - The Accuweather Channel
  • 69.3 - Me-TV Network
  • 69.4 - RTV (Retro TV)
  • Service Electric (LV) channel 8 - WFMZ-TV
  • Service Electric (LV) channel 20 - The Accuweather Channel
  • Service Electric (LV) channel 108 - RTV (Retro TV)
  • Service Electric (LV) channel 109 - Me-TV Network
  • Service Electric (LV) channel 508 - WFMZ-HD
  • RCN (LV) channel 7 - WFMZ-TV
  • RCN (LV) channel 25 - Me-TV
  • RCN (LV) channel 27 - RTV (Retro TV)
  • RCN (Phila) channel 24 - Me-TV
  • RCN (Phila) channel 25 - RTV (Retro TV)

Me-TV?s programs are some of the best television programs ever produced, including "Mary Tyler Moore," "The Dick Van Dyke Show," "The Bob Newhart Show," the original "Star Trek," "Perry Mason, "Get Smart" and "Hawaii Five-O," in addition to 60 other programs.

Me-TV offers viewers of all ages a place that is familiar, where old friends meet. Me-TV is a combination of familiar television classics including comedies, crime dramas, mysteries and sci-fi adventures.

Check out the Me-TV Network program schedule .

The announcement was made by Barry Fisher, president of Maranatha Broadcasting Company Inc. and WFMZ-TV.

?In this time of fast paced change, sometimes familiar faces like Lucy Ricardo, Rob Petry, Ralph Kramden, Perry Mason, the whole Brady Bunch, Mary Richards, Maxwell Smart and Sam Malone are good to see again," Mr. Fisher said.

In addition to WFMZ-TV?s award-winning 69 News in HD, WFMZ-TV 69.1 also broadcasts top-rated syndication and first-run programming. "Judge Judy," "Judge Joe Brown," "Dr. Phil," "Family Feud," "Cash Cab" and "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" fill out 69.1's fall 2011 program schedule.

WFMZ-TV is a leader in the digital television spectrum. In 2001, the station launched 69.2, the nation's first 24-hour AccuWeather Channel.

In 2009, WFMZ-TV introduced its audience to RTV, a national network of classic TV favorites from the 60s, 70s and 80s. RTV?s line-up includes "Magnum PI," "Knight Rider" and "The Rockford Files."

69.3 Me-TV and 69.4 RTV programming schedules are filled with all the shows fans of WFMZ-TV have come to know and love over the years.

Check out the RTV program schedule .

Contact your cable provider if it does not offer the WFMZ digital channels and ask for them to be added to the lineup.