Walmart workers protest, local ones don't

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Published: Nov 22 2012 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 23 2012 11:28:27 PM EST

Stand up!

With us!

Stand up!

With us!

Walmart workers in several states are taking off this Black Friday by striking.

They're upset about working on Thanksgiving night hours before Black Friday.

They also say Walmart doesn't provide fair pay or benefits.

Locally protests have been less sizeable.

Members of local unions and other groups protested on behalf of Walmart workers Friday morning at the Walmart in Lower Macungie Township.

"A lot of these folks had to report to work at 8:00 even before 8:00 last night and that's why we're strong advocates for these workers and their right to have a voice at work, said protestor Chris Snyder.

Walmart has filed a complaint with National Labor Relations Board.

The retailer says today's strikes are illegal because outside unions are unfairly influencing their workers.