Where's the water? Groundwater levels in one Bucks County community have been shrinking. And now residents and officials want to know if all the new neighbors are to blame. WFMZ's Jackie Shutack has the story. >> REPORTER: Homeowner Tom Spier says he has had to drill his way out of a water mess in the Kintnersville area in Upper Bucks County. >> TOM SPIER/HOMEOWNER: "We have a newer well that was put in 11-12 years ago when the middle school opened, and it's just been slowly going downhill ever since." >> REPORTER: Spier says he used to reach water at 87 feet in his well. Recently he drilled to 250 feet to get more water.. but water pressure is still an issue. >> TOM SPIER/HOMEOWNER: "You're not creating enough pressure to keep everything clean, it's not the way you expect a new well to be." >> REPORTER: Tuesday night, the Bridgeton Nockamixon Groundwater management committee presented the results of a water study to the Tinicum Township Supervisors. >> ROBERT STANFIELD/BRIDGETON NOCKAMIXON GROUNDWATER MANAGEMENT CMTEE: "There have been declines in the water level, in the wells by up to 100 feet. 1:50 If there was a drought, they might run out of water entirely." >> REPORTER: Aside from digging deeper, many people say their next step is to take their fight to the state legislature. >> ROBERT STANFIELD/BRIDGETON NOCKAMIXON GROUNDWATER MANAGEMENT CMTEE: "We think the municipalities need some authority, but with assisted guidance from the state." >> TOM SPIER/HOMEOWNER: "If our government allows new development and that's causing the problems, obviously, they have to do things to solve that issue there." >> REPORTER: For now, Tom and his neighbors continue to deal with low water pressure, hoping they don't have to continue to drill for water.