2 Kutztown University football players cleared of wrongdoing in Bloomsburg brawl

2 other KU players facing criminal charges; 2 Bloomsburg students injured

Two KU students cleared after Bloomsburg fight

KUTZTOWN, Pa. - Two Kutztown University students originally suspected of being involved in a brutal fight at Bloomsburg University have been cleared.

It started as a fight at a frat house near Bloomsburg University on Feb. 23 and ended with two Bloomsburg students being sent to the hospital with severe injuries.

Police called four Kutztown University football players into question.

"I was shocked. As a former student athlete here, that is not something a student athlete should be doing. You represent your college and what we stand for. It is offensive to me," said Breann Young, a Kutztown student.

"I was actually kind of surprised that they managed to put that kid in a coma," said Rizqan Mohd Ariff, another Kutztown student.

But Bloomsburg police recently announced that Eric Condron and Jacob Wygant, two Kutztown students there the night of the fight, will not be charged.

"Neither one of them has been identified as striking anyone or being actively physically involved in the fight," said Ofc. Melanie Readler, Bloomsburg Police Dept.

Students we spoke with now think of the fight as a cautionary tale as how not to act when you are out with friends.

"It is definitely a wake up call for all student athletes, not just football players, but even for all students," said Young.

"Students, you are supposed to know where your boundaries stand. Even if you are not a student, things like this can still happen at a place like that," said Mohd Ariff.

Kutztown University released a statement, saying the suspensions for both Wygant and Condron have been lifted and both players can return to the football team.

KU players Justin Wieder and Angel Cruz are still facing aggravated assault, simple assault and disorderly conduct charges. Their preliminary hearings are scheduled for April 1.

Police said the investigation is still ongoing.

As for the victims, Donald Hoover, 19, of Robeson Twp., Berks Co., was released from the hospital shortly after the fight; Jackie Lithgow, 19, of Carlisle, however, still remains hospitalized.

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