3 charged in Kutztown armed robbery less than hour after crime

3 charged in armed robbery less than hour after crime

KUTZTOWN, Pa. - It took police just three hours to collar three men accused of carrying out a robbery at gunpoint in an off-campus apartment near Kutztown University.

Two masked men, armed with handguns, entered the building, located at 533 Briar Circle North, through an unlocked door around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, police said. 

One victim gave the robbers $200, and another victim handed over $30, investigators said.

The crime has left some Kutztown students who live in the area shocked.

"I think it's scary. It's scary that you can be safe in your apartments. I lived here last year and there were a couple robberies. It was scary," Kaitlin Lobman said.

Police have since arrested Wallas Dorilas, 20, Daniel Bryan, 22, and Samuel Kramer, 22, all from Wyomissing, and charged them in connection with the crime.

It just so happens a witness spotted the suspects getting into a getaway car and managed to jot down a description of that vehicle.

The car was later spotted traveling south on Route 222 by a Fleetwood police officer, detectives said.

Less than three hours after the robbery was reported, all three suspects were in handcuffs.

"Well, the witness was an outstanding witness, to be honest with you. The witness was the lynchpin to the whole thing," said Chief Craig Summers, Kutztown Police Dept.

The suspects are facing charges of robbery and related offenses, including criminal conspiracy, burglary, and other charges.

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