4-year-old boy saves Army mom's life

'He's a hero in all this,' says Fleetwood police Chief Steven Stinsky

'He's a hero,' says chief of 4-year-old boy who saved mom

FLEETWOOD, Pa. - A 4-year-old Fleetwood boy is being credited with saving the life of his mother, an Army veteran.

"It makes me so beyond proud as a mother and just as a person to know that someone so small would be willing to do that," said Corryn Barrell of son, Hunter.

On the morning of Feb. 28, Hunter walked downstairs to the family living room and found Barrell unconscious with foam coming from her mouth.

Doctors later said she had suffered both a seizure and hemorrhagic stroke, the result of a vein rupturing in her brain.

With her husband out of town, only Hunter was there to help.

The little boy quickly grabbed his mother's cell phone and attempted to dial 911, but the phone's security code blocked the call from going through, said police.

Coincidentally, Hunter looked outside and saw a Fleetwood police officer on the block, patrolling the neighborhood on foot. The boy yelled to the officer, Patrolman Michael Quinn, and directed him inside the home.

"I would definitely have to say that he saved his mother's life," said Quinn. "That could have been a very tragic outcome had he not have been there and had I not have been there at that specific time."

Barrell was quickly transported for treatment, first to St. Joseph Medical Center, from where she was soon flown to Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

She remained in a coma for close to one week, with little recollection of what happened leading up to the stroke. She recalled feeling forgetful and out-of-sorts the day before, but she assumed it was a migraine.

Now, she is recovering steadily, taking time off of work and receiving physical therapy.

"There should be no permanent damage because [Hunter] responded so fast," she said.

"He's a hero in all this," said Chief Steven Stinsky, Fleetwood Police Dept.

In light of the family's incident, Stinsky hopes to remind parents about the importance of teaching children to utilize "911" in cases of emergency. If phones have a security lock, parents are encouraged to teach their children how to enter the passcode or to use the emergency call function.

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