422 a corridor of crime for 2-state burglary ring suspects, police say

Police: 422 a corridor of crime for burglary ring suspects

A widespread burglary ring spanning two states has been derailed after an 11-month investigation.

Alma Colon-Perez, of Reading, and Eric Adkins, of Philadelphia, were the masterminds behind the wide reaching burglary spree in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, said police.

Since February 2013, Colon-Perez and Adkins forced their way into more than 20 homes in Berks, Montgomery and Chester counties and others in New Jersey.

"There's a lot of stuff in there they can get, there's always valuables in a house," said Louis Viola, who lives on Benner Road in Royersford, where two burglaries occurred.

Route 422 was a corridor of crime for the two suspects. They would drive from Muhlenberg Township, Exeter Township and Amity Township in Berks County to New Jersey and burglarize people along the way. They made off with more than $168,000 in valuables before they were busted, said police.

Colon-Perez, 36, and Adkins, 34, struck during the day at homes that were not easily seen from the roadway. They would force their way in through a window or door, ransack the place and steal large amounts of jewelry, electronics, coins and guns and stuff them into a pillowcase, said police.

Jenny Rega's neighbor's house was hit in April in Royersford.

"He went in the house and the guy went across the bed and out the window, but he did get the license plate number," said Rega. "The guy was running out the window with a pillowcase with stuff in it."

Police launched a detailed investigation.

According to court documents, detectives identified the vehicles involved, phone records put both suspects at the scene and Colon-Perez was found with a large amount of jewelry in her possession.

Now, residents are breathing a sigh of relief.

"I'm really glad because I didn't know it was going on around here, I really didn't know that," said Viola.    

Colon-Perez was arraigned Thursday on burglary and related charges, but has been released after posting bail.

Adkins is locked up in Camden, N.J. Investigators are trying to extradite him back to answer to these new charges, and we're told a lot more are coming.

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