Alligator on the loose in Longswamp Township

Alligator on the loose in Longswamp Township

LONGSWAMP TWP., Pa. - Christine Knight walked out to her pond in Longswamp Twp., Berks Co., on Tuesday evening like she does every night, to feed her koi fish, but she was in for a big surprise.

Knight saw the head of an alligator and went to call her dad.

"As soon as I called, I slowly started seeing it move and I am like, 'That is not good. It is moving into the pond,'" said Knight.

"I never tracked an alligator before," said Douglas Binder, of Longswamp Township.

But that did not stop them from trying. So the hunt began.

"I have heard of them being around here before, but in this little thing, not really. I would never have expected it," said Knight.

The family called out Galvin Wildlife to help out.

"I am nervous and scared because my kids come down here," said Knight.

Day turned to night and, after tracking the alligator for two hours and two brief sightings, they called it a night. But homeowners said it will not stop them from coming back Wednesday morning.

"Hope we can get it tomorrow. Or maybe if I see it tonight, I will come out and check and I can net it or something," said Binder.

So until then, the gator gets another night of freedom.

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