Apartment fire ruled arson

Apartment fire ruled arson

LOWER HEIDELBERG TWP., Pa. - The fire that leveled an apartment complex under construction has been ruled a case of arson.

The blaze broke out early Tuesday morning at Legacy at Papermill apartment complex in Lower Heidelberg Township.

"It was fearful. It did melt all the siding on the side of the house, it cracked all the windows on the side of the house, it melted part of the back porch. So the heat was intense," said Ray Bickley of Lower Heidelberg Township.

Conan Gorman lives in the apartment building next door. He woke up to see his room getting bright and dark. When he looked out the window he saw a man near a truck and a trailer.

"It got brighter and more frequent and brighter. So I got up again and I saw a guy walking around with a flashlight and I looked out the window and saw the flames in the front of the building," said Conan Gorman of Lower Heidelberg Township.

Gorman believes he may have seen the arsonist and he is working with detectives to help with the case. So it is no surprise to him, or the other neighbors, that this fire was set intentionally.

"It looked like it was set at a couple different spots for it to simultaneously erupt like that," said Bickley. "I just hope they get who did it because I would like to get a crack at him too. Whoever did it put my life, my family, my wife in danger."

The fire caused $2 million in damage.

The fire marshal says the investigation is still ongoing.

As for the residents nearby, some have had to relocate because of air quality issues.

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