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Bakery bandit's plans fall short in Reading

Bakery bandit's plans fall short in Reading

Reading, Pa. - A bakery bandit's plans literally fell short in Reading on Thursday morning, after video surveillance captured the alleged thief tripping over his loose pants and falling down.

"His pants had fallen to his ankles so he basically dropped everything that he had gotten and ran off with nothing," said Rose Dobson, manager of the Italian and French Pastry Shop on N. 6th Street.

Dobson said the thief entered her shop around 7:30, darting straight to the snack section. She said the man was dressed in a hooded sweatshirt, so she couldn't make out his appearance, but noted that he seemed "nervous."

"He was kind of rumbling through everything, opened up the cooler, looked really anxious," she said.

The thief allegedly snagged a soda, a banana and several candy bars before darting from the shop. His instantaneous trip was caught on a nearby surveillance camera.

"The officer had asked if I got to see his face and I honestly didn't, but I could tell you what his boxers look like!" said Dobson.

Dobson said another customer was in the shop at the time, so she didn't immediately run after the bandit, who got away. The theft was reported to police.

Dobson said she's worked at the pastry shop for 20 years, and had never experienced a theft.

Still, she isn't angry about the incident, and actually feels sorry for the thief. She said the total amount of stolen items totaled less than $10.

"I don't mind feeding you if you're hungry, but don't come in and just take it," she said.

Police are investigating. No suspects have been reported.

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