Bear spotted in Quakertown

Bear spotted in Quakertown

QUAKERTOWN, Pa. - A unexpected visitor in part of Bucks County had many people talking.

Several people said they spotted a bear in the Quakertown area Thursday.

Some took pictures and others captured the bear on video. It was seen near stores and in neighborhoods near Route 309.

"There's a bear right in our front yard, look at that thing, it's huge," says a voice behind the camera in one person's video.

That same family said the bear hopped their fence, causing damage.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed receiving a call about a bear in the area near Route 309.

Cheryl Trewella with the Game Commission said, "The bear just walked back into the woods. He was in town but then he walked back into the woods. At this point we are not aware of him causing any trouble or being a public safety issue so we'll just allow him to go on his way."

"We have bear who stay year-round in the Upper Bucks area. It's unusual that one came into Quakertown but it's not unusual that we have bear in the area," she added.

"It was really crazy, it was scary," said Jeannine Carcifi, who briefly spotted the bear. "I couldn't believe we had a bear here."

It was certainly the talk of the town.

She added, "We all had it on Facebook and we were telling everyone, so everyone was sending pictures like, we saw this bear, it was in our backyard."

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