Berks authorities ID victim of fatal window fall

Man dies in building fall

READING, Pa. - Reading authorities say the man who died falling out of a window had a criminal history. The coroner identified the victim as Jason Saxon, 35. Saxon fell out of a second story window at Seventh and Franklin streets around 9:30 Friday night, but police said they're still investigating exactly how it happened.

Even neighbors used to violent crime were stunned at the news.

"Somebody's always dying," said Fatima Reinoso. "Reading's just not even the same."

Witnesses said they heard yelling inside the apartment before the man fell. Reading Police Sgt. John Carrasquillo said two men were inside, but said it's not clear if they were fighting or simply being loud.

"For about an hour, since we were sitting here, they were yelling," said Corie Butler, the building manager. "We just heard, like, two or three people yelling inside."

Butler said that Saxon didn't live in the building, but made quite a commotion when he arrived.

"He was yelling out his window across the street to people that weren't there, and he was threatening to kill them all," said Butler.

"He was like, 'I'm going to kill all of you!'," remembered Oliver Trizarri, who was visiting friends next door. "It was just weird."

Saxon appeared to lean out the window and simply slipped, according to Butler. Reading Police said they're investigating whether the victim fell or was pushed. Carrasquillo said the other man was found inside the apartment and taken to an area hospital. He said police have yet to question him.

Saxon had just gotten out of jail last week, and was just charged with possession of a controlled substance earlier this month. He had served time in the Wernersville Community Corrections Center last year as well, according to Berks Co. Assistant Chief Deputy Coroner John Hollenbach.

Police said they found no drug paraphenalia inside the apartment. They also said no surveillance cameras caught Saxon's fall.

"I think it's crazy," said neighbor Dominique Smith. "I'm ready to move, yeah. I don't even want to be over here anymore."

This isn't the first trouble at this apartment. According to Butler and several neighbors, a woman overdosed and died in that same apartment just two months ago. Police said Saturday they could not confirm the incident.

An autopsy on Saxon is scheduled for 5 p.m. Saturday.

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