Berks County runners return from Boston

Berks County runners return from Boston

Runners from Berks County are returning home from Boston. And two runners said they won't let this tragedy stop them from competing in next year's race.

Many Boston Marathon runners are so glad to be home, and they're wearing their bright yellow shirts to show they ran yesterday.

Tom Chobot is back in Exeter Township. Chobot has run eight Boston Marathons.

"You cross. You made it. You're ready to get together with your friends and then the bombs went off. And all that goes out of your mind. You completely shift modes. Now, it's all about now they got us," said Chobot.

He was 18 minutes past the finish line when the explosions happened.

"You're talking about several hours here, there's no communication, mass chaos," said Chobot, "You're just hoping and praying. You're hearing things. You're hearing it was spectators. It was 9-11 all over again, honest to God."

In that chaos he was happy to learn everyone from the Pagoda Pacers was safe. He is still trying to understand why someone would attack the Boston Marathon.

"Running isn't that big of a sport. We're not that popular," said Chobot, "So, if they want to make a statement. I was just kind of surprised they came after us."

But he is determined to go back next year to honor those who died.

"At the very least, I'm going to have a ribbon or something that says to Martin somewhere on my shirt next year," said Chobot.

Troy Seitzinger of Temple plans to go back too.

"I'm a runner and I'm not going to let anybody that does this stuff stop me from doing stuff I like to do," said Seitzinger.

He said Monday was his 10th marathon ever. He ran his first marathon 16 days after his daughter, Taylor Seitzinger died in 2009.

"Any marathon it's just very emotionally, I just really feel that's she really with me at the finish. Usually puts me to tears when I finish as it did yesterday," said Seitzinger.

Both runners said their hearts go out to the victims and their families.

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