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Black Friday madness takes over Berks County

Black Friday madness takes over Berks County

WYOMISSING, Pa. - The Black Friday frenzy began before long before midnight Thursday.

Bargain hunters raided their favorite stores to take advantage of some jaw-dropping sales.

Big stores like Walmart, Toys R Us and Target opened their doors to shoppers before midnight.

Long lines wrapped around the building at Toys R Us in Wyomissing Thursday night, and there was a large crowd outside the Berkshire Mall, which opened at midnight.

At the nearby Best Buy, folks started lining up at noon Wednesday. One dedicated shopper arrived early just for a big sale on a 40-inch TV. He had his fingers crossed.

"I think our chances are pretty good," said Luke Boerman. "Somebody says there was a pallet of them in yesterday. So we're about 20th. I think there are 20 in a pallet. I think we are going to get this TV."

Shoppers spent the Thanksgiving holiday eating, sleeping and even playing board games.

At the VF Outlet in Wyomissing, the lines moved from outside to the cash registers. No doubt, cashiers raced as fast as they could to ring up sales as quickly as possible.

"It's getting crazy out here," said Jennifer Kerns.

Folks were literally dancing in the lines as they anxiously waited outside the VF Outlet Center in Wyomissing. They had one thing on their mind, and it wasn't turkey.

"I want the real deal tonight. I'll wait all night if I have to," said Jose Fernandez.

Well, nobody had to wait all night to get in because the doors opened at 8 p.m. Once inside, it was down to business get the best deal before it's gone.

"They have really good deals here. I'm trying to save some money this year. A lot.  Free gift cards and stuff," said Marisa Digirolamo.

Some lucky shoppers earned some extra money for gifts in a money vault. For 15 seconds, Amanda Landis, of Pennsburg, grabbed as much as she could and ended up with more than $100.

At midnight, a 2013 Ford Focus was given away. Organizers said the first two years of the lease are already paid for.

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