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Boaters find Cody Moyer's body in river; Jonny Velez still missing

Berks men vanished Saturday after boat capsized on Susquehanna River

Boaters find missing man's body in Susquehanna River

PEACH BOTTOM TWP., Pa. - The body of a missing Berks County man was found Monday in the Susquehanna River after his boat capsized during a fishing trip.

Cody Moyer, 20, of Laureldale, was one of two men who vanished when their boat filled with water late Saturday afternoon on the river between York and Lancaster counties. That's near the Peach Bottom Nuclear Plant, a few miles from the Pennsylvania and Maryland border.

The other man, Jonny Velez, 21, of Muhlenberg Township, remains missing.

"It's horrible. It's horrible not knowing if my son is ever going to come back. I just want him back," said Michelle Velez, Jonny's mother.

A third boater, Brandon Allen, tried to save his friends after they jumped overboard.

"Cody and Jonny, my best friends, they tried swimming ashore and I jumped off to help them and did everything I could," said Allen.

Allen swam after Moyer and Velez, but the water was too swift and he was forced to turn around. He fought against the currents and made it to safety, but his two friends were still in the water. 

Family members and their close-knit group of friends from Muhlenberg Township and Laureldale have been at the water's edge since the accident, searching high and low.

On Monday, everyone held hands and said a prayer before Cody's father, Mike Moyer, led a search into the woods.

"I do have hope they're still maybe on a bank somewhere. I have that hope," said Velez.

But a day filled with hope turned tragic Monday afternoon after the heartbreaking discovery was made.

Only hours into their search, Moyer's worst nightmare came true. His son's body was found floating in the river.

Pa. Rep. Mark Rozzi was on scene all day. He graduated with Moyer and said he was called after frustration set in from a lack of resources used in the search.

"We have definitely dropped the ball. Pennsylvania and Maryland together have let these two families down," said Rozzi, D-Berks.

According to Rozzi, boats were on the water Saturday and some on Sunday, but he said not enough was done.

"The boat and fish commission needs to be looked at in a very close way and why more action wasn't taken," said Rozzi.

Moyer had a baby on the way. He and Velez both graduated from Muhlenberg High School.

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