Boyertown in heart of late-autumn snowstorm's path

Boyertown in heart of late-autumn snowstorm's path

BOYERTOWN, Pa. - Folks in southern Berks County experienced some of the heaviest snow Tuesday. It was an inconvenience for some, and a pleasure for others.

"I'm sledding and playing with my friend. And I'm throwing snowballs!" said 7-year-old Anna Horner.

Horner and many other kids enjoyed the storm on snowy hills in Boyertown. Scott Horner, her dad, also had the day off as an area teacher.

"We get the day off! Kids are having fun. The dogs are having fun," Horner said.

Although for some, the day wasn't all about fun, as steady snowfall meant having to clear coated cars, driveways and streets.

"Sunday was enough and now this," said Sharon Eppler, a Boyertown resident who spoke to 69 News while shoveling. The storm forced Eppler to cancel a morning doctor appointment. She hopes this snowfall will be the heaviest of the season.

"I hope it is, but I got a feeling we're gonna be in for it this year," said Eppler.

Boyertown street crews started plowing and salting roads around 7 a.m. By 1:30 p.m., the snowfall had stopped in the borough, and streets were mostly clear soon after.

Now, many told 69 News they'll enjoy seeing their town covered in snow.

"It's beautiful," said Horner.

"It's pretty. The trees are pretty if you like snow," said Eppler.

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